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8/14/13 - In April Anything Could Happen

Today I tip my baseball cap to my dear friend Mick Cochrane, author and professor and father of 2 fine sons.  Mick is the "real deal" baseball fan, able to show you Pete Rose's batting stance (lefty or righty) and remember Ron Santo clicking his heels.

Below ...

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8/13/13 - Messaging (From Infidels to Teslas)

I was behind a Hummer today on the way to work.  He came barreling up in the right hand lane but couldn't make it through a left hand turn at the light, and so he had to stop with the rest of us.  The back-end of his car was loaded up with decals.  One said "Infidel" and another wa...

Posted by Jack Williams at 07:45

7/17/13 - The Business Equivalent of Honking

I was on the way to work today and twice watched drivers honk their horns at cars in front of them, impatient that those drivers didn't take risky turns into oncoming traffic.  One guy was beside himself, honking and shaking his head.  I looked at him and finally he looked over, t...

Posted by Jack Williams at 11:15

7/16/13 - You Can Still Taste a Doughnut

We received our latest blog this morning from our great friend David Jacobs, a health IT consultant battling cancer.  He's our hero and we won't pretend otherwise, so this brief blog today is totally biased.  (David's blog is viewable

7/15/13 - When the EMR System Crashes

Last week I had to take my 19 year old daughter to the emergency room of an Atlanta-area hospital with concussion symptoms.  She had been hit in the head by a large piece of falling metal (freak accident) and was having vision problems and was disoriented.  The visit itself was ultimate...

Posted by Jack Williams at 16:48

7/9/13 - 10 Tips for Better Thank You Notes

This is for anyone who's currently interviewing for a job, or who soon will be.

When you discuss a job with a prospective employer in person, your first step leaving the interview must be a handwritten thank you note.

No excuses, no exceptions.  

If you won't take 5 m...

Posted by Jack Williams at 08:54

6/26/13 - 2013 Physician Outlook & Practice Trends

Our parent company, Jackson Healthcare, recently released a study on the 2013 outlook of physicians and their practices.

Takeaways: physician discontent appears to be creating a void in the healthcare field.  Physicians are preparing to leave medicine early either through retirement ...

Posted by Jack Williams at 16:23

6/25/13 - Jackson Healthcare Family Fun Day

Each June, our parent company, Jackson Healthcare, hosts an annual Family Fun day for all associates and their children and grandchildren.  The building closes at 3pm, and the next 3 hours are filled with cool stuff li...

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6/24/13 - Hash Tag Lists

Browsing through LinkedIn recently, I realized that much of the content online involves lists.  

This morning, for example, LinkedIn insists I read about the Posted by Jack Williams at 00:00

6/16/13 - A Good Blessing

It's Father's Day here in the U.S. today, and considering how our calendars are dotted with manufactured days that don't mean much (I love trees and I admire some presidents but I don't love Arbor Day or Presidents' Day), I'm reminded of a few things I've learned as a father, and a few things I l...

Posted by Jack Williams at 12:20

6/3/13 - Folding Money, Gratitude, and Mr. Merlin

Between ages 16 and 18, I worked as a bag boy at a mom-and-pop grocery store called Thriftown.  It was in Clarkston, Georgia, about 6 or 7 miles from my home in Stone Mountain.

What a job.  I got tips for taking out groceries, and all I had to do was wear a tie and look presenta...

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5/28/13 - In Health IT, Why Use Status Reports?

Our team of health IT consultants in the field delivers on-demand support for hospitals on their clinical and technical efforts.  Frequently this includes specialists supporting hospitals in EMR implementation and upgrade efforts.  The specific roles are most often project managers and ...

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5/21/13 - 5 Pillars of Success

Our company relies on 5 principles that guide what we do and how we do it.  Here they are:

Five Pillars of Success

Be Accountable.

Accept res...

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5/12/13 - Music and Mother's Day

I got my love of music from my parents, especially my mother.  I grew up listening to good music in my parents' bedroom, where the turntable was.  

There were more albums than I can remember stacked up in there, but they enjoyed the kind of simple good music that still holds up ...

Posted by Jack Williams at 12:46

5/8/13 - It's Just Facebook

It's a generational thing.

Sometimes the truth sounds like an excuse and this is one of those times.

We have a generation of young professionals -- let's say between 22 and 35 -- who stare into their smart phones all day long.  They do it at their desks, at meetings, at lunch...

Posted by Jack Williams at 09:11