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7/28/14 - Meetings Don't Drive Nails

I attended a meeting ten years ago and in attendance was a man from the planning department for the city of Atlanta.  He'd been invited in order to offer some guidance on a planned real estate development, and he showed up because lunch was free and he knew the specifics on density as it rel...

Posted by Jack Williams at 17:39

7/15/14 - People Will Lie About Anything

Full disclosure: I find the subject of resumes about as interesting as sewing.

However there's no escaping the simple fact that most people produce lousy resumes. You'd be hard pressed to find another example of a person's abilities that's in more disarray. No one sets out to look incapab...

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7/11/14 - Singing Doesn't Come Naturally to Songbirds

Several years ago, in an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, naturalist Charles Seabrook made the following fascinating comment about the reason many of us in the Atlanta area can't miss the wonderful music of songbirds:

Singing is the key to succe...

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7/3/14 - Better Arrives

I've always loved short stories. There's something appealing to me about a story you can read in a few minutes and then have it hang with you the rest of the day, the way a smoke ring circles the head of a grizzled old guy drawing on a pipe. It just stays with you, turning and shifting as you thi...

Posted by Jack Williams at 04:00

6/27/14 - The Little Hallelujah of Gratitude

Between ages 16 and 18, I worked as a bag boy at a mom-and-pop grocery store called Thriftown. It was in Clarkston, Georgia, about 6 or 7 miles from my home in Stone Mountain.

What a job. I got tips for taking out groceries, and all I had to do was wear a tie and look presentable and be f...

Posted by Jack Williams at 04:00

6/24/14 - Hobo on a Train

I've watched the animated movie The Polar Express with my son probably a dozen times, and I never get tired of it. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about the movie that I love.

One of the best scenes in the movie is when the main characte...

Posted by Jack Williams at 04:00

6/17/14 - The Maintenance Fees of Regret

I worked with a mainframe software company when I was a young man, and a certain day came when I had the opportunity for the CEO of the company to explain in person to me the workings of a maintenance agreement.  "It's a beautiful thing," he said to me.  He explained that the maintenanc...

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6/12/14 - No Means Yes

For years when my children were small, I'd look forward to watching Tuesday Night Fights on USA Network. I could get my little ones to bed and then watch boxing 2 or 3 hours a night, once a week. It was my favorite show. In particular I loved to listen to the announcer Sea...

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